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The following audio bible lessons are recordings made during EBC Adult Bible Classes and Worship Services, compressed in MP3 format, and are offered free of charge, on a grace basis. To download, right click on the lesson number and select "Save Target As...". Left click on download to play.

All audio material Copyright © 1997-2016 Evergreen Baptist Church, all rights reserved.

Available Series

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Series TitleTeacher
HANDOUTS(For all classes.)
Synopsis: Handouts provided during bible classes.
New Testament Letters - 2 TimothyPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A line-by-line study of the book of 2 Timothy. Part of an ongoing study of all the New Testament epistles.
Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
Synopsis: A complete survey of Christian History.
Selected Psalms in David's LifePastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A close look at selected Psalms in the life of David.
Synopsis: Various special lessons.
First John - Fellowship with GodPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A study of 1 John, and how this book of the bible impacts our personal relationship with God.

Teacher:(For all classes.)

00104-24-2010Eight Things Declared to be the Will of God
00204-24-2010Romans Commands
00304-24-20101 Corinthians Commands A
00404-24-20101 Corinthians Commands B
00504-24-20102 Corinthians Commands
00604-24-2010Galatians Commands
00704-24-2010Ephesians Commands
00804-24-20101 Thessalonians Commands
00904-24-20102 Thessalonians Commands
01010-13-2011Colossians Commands

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Series:New Testament Letters - 2 Timothy
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 7 PM

00209-18-2016Introduction to Timothy and Paul's Thoughts
00309-25-2016Personal Connections Among Believers
00410-02-2016Not Being Ashamed of the Gospel
00510-09-2016(Communion); Right Relationship to Christ
00610-16-2016God's Hand and Plan in Our Lives
00710-23-2016God's Plan Coming to Pass in Our Lives
00810-30-2016The Apostle Paul's Sufferings for Ministry
00911-13-2016(Communion); Paul's Suffering; Principles
01012-18-2016Suffering Principles; Paul's Confidence
01101-08-2017Exhortation to Hold Fast to the Word

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Series:Christian History Made Easy
Teacher:Carl Aardsma
Time:Adult Bible Class - Sunday, 9:30 AM
(NOTE: Lessons with an asterisk * are shorter due to copyrighted DVD material presented during the class, which is not recorded.)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
14908-28-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15009-04-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15109-18-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15210-09-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15310-16-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15410-23-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15510-30-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15611-13-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15712-04-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
15812-18-2016Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma

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Series:Selected Psalms in David's Life
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Adult Bible Study - Wednesday, 7:30PM

04510-05-2016David's Praise of the Lord's Provisions (Psalm 59)
04610-12-2016Introduction; Superscription and Context (Psalm 51)
04710-19-2016David Calls on God in His Sinful State (Pslam 51)
04810-26-2016David's Confession to the Lord and His Guilt (Psalm 51)
04911-02-2016Details on David's Asking for Forgiveness (Psalm 51)
05011-09-2016Petitions for Restoration from Sin (Psalm 51)
05111-16-2016David's Vows to Teach; Evangelize & Praise
05212-14-2016Broken Spirit and Crushed Heart (Psalm 51)
05312-21-2016Forgiven to Serve the Lord (Psalm 51)
05401-04-2017A Reminder, Out of Fellowship vs Forgiven

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LessonDateTitle Teacher
H00110-30-2016America's Vow; In God We TrustPastor Paul
I00111-13-2016The Sovereignty of God (Part 1 of 2)Pastor Paul
I00211-20-2016The Sovereignty of God (Part 2 of 2)Pastor Paul
J00111-27-2016Character SketchesDarrin Krauss
J00212-04-2016Character SketchesDarrin Krauss
J00312-04-2016Character SketchesDarrin Krauss
K00112-11-2016Overview of ForgivenessPastor Paul
L00112-18-2016(Communion); First ChristmasPastor Paul
M00101-01-2017New Year's Day 2017Pastor Paul
N00101-08-2017A New Year, The Millennial PromisesPastor Paul

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Series:First John - Fellowship with God
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 10:30 AM

05905-22-2016The Spirits of Antichrist & Power of the Holy Spirit
06005-29-2016Facing the Spirit of Antichrist
06106-05-2016Spirit of Antichrist; False Teachers; World
06206-26-2016False Teachers vs Apostles' Teaching
06307-03-2016The Test of Loving for Full Fellowship
06407-17-2016Test of Believer's AGAPE Love
06507-24-2016Believer's AGAPE Love; God is Love Detailed
06607-31-2016God is Love; Illustrated & Detailed
06708-07-2016Residence; Abiding of Jesus and the Father
06808-14-2016Living the Apostles' Experience

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