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The following audio bible lessons are recordings made during EBC Adult Bible Classes and Worship Services, compressed in MP3 format, and are offered free of charge, on a grace basis. To download, right click on the lesson number and select "Save Target As...". Left click on download to play.

All audio material Copyright © 1997-2016 Evergreen Baptist Church, all rights reserved.

Available Series

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Series TitleTeacher
HANDOUTS(For all classes.)
Synopsis: Handouts provided during bible classes.
New Testament Letters - 2 TimothyPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A line-by-line study of the book of 2 Timothy. Part of an ongoing study of all the New Testament epistles.
Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
Synopsis: A complete survey of Christian History.
Selected Psalms in David's LifePastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A close look at selected Psalms in the life of David.
Synopsis: Various special lessons.
First John - Fellowship with GodPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A study of 1 John, and how this book of the bible impacts our personal relationship with God.

Teacher:(For all classes.)

00104-24-2010Eight Things Declared to be the Will of God
00204-24-2010Romans Commands
00304-24-20101 Corinthians Commands A
00404-24-20101 Corinthians Commands B
00504-24-20102 Corinthians Commands
00604-24-2010Galatians Commands
00704-24-2010Ephesians Commands
00804-24-20101 Thessalonians Commands
00904-24-20102 Thessalonians Commands
01010-13-2011Colossians Commands
01101-13-2018Philippians Commands
01201-13-20181 Timothy Commands
01301-13-2018Titus Commands
01401-13-2018Philemon Commands
01501-13-201833 Gifts Received at Salvation

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Series:New Testament Letters - 2 Timothy
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 7 PM

03510-01-2017Jannes & Jambres Failures; Paul as Mentor
03610-08-2017(Communion); Paul's Example to Timothy
03710-22-2017Paul's Example to Timothy in Persecutions
03810-29-2017Persecution Expected; Continue in Faith
03911-12-2017(Communion); Exhortation to Continue in Faith
04011-19-2017Defining the Holy Scriptures
04111-26-2017The Use of the Scriptures; Pastor's Charge
04212-03-2017Pastor's Charge, Preach the Word
04312-10-2017Pastor's Charge; Convince, Rebuke, Exhort
04401-14-2018(Communion); Commands with Longsuffering & Teaching

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Series:Christian History Made Easy
Teacher:Carl Aardsma
Time:Adult Bible Class - Sunday, 9:30 AM
(NOTE: Lessons with an asterisk * are shorter due to copyrighted DVD material presented during the class, which is not recorded.)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
17408-06-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
17508-13-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
17608-20-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
17708-27-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
17809-03-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
17910-15-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
18010-22-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
18110-29-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
18211-05-2017Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
18301-14-2018Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma

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Series:Selected Psalms in David's Life
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Adult Bible Study - Wednesday, 7:30PM

08710-18-2017David Personalizes His Deliverance (Psalm 18)
08810-25-2017David Awarded; Knowing & Keeping His Word (Psalm 18)
08911-01-2017Continued Reasons for the Lord's Care (Psalm 18)
09011-08-2017Lord's Blessing or Cursing Our Responses
09111-15-2017The Delivering Power of the Lord
09212-06-2017The Working of the Lord With David (Psalm 18)
09312-20-2017David Recounts Some of the Lord's Blessing (Psalm 18)
09412-27-2017David's Victories in Battle (Psalm 18)
09501-03-2018David Recounts His War Strategies with God (Psalm 18)
09601-10-2018Results of David's War Strategy (Psalm 18)

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LessonDateTitle Teacher
A00112-03-2017Pearl Harbor Day; Preparation DayPastor Paul
B00112-10-2017(Communion) God's Love Sent His SonPastor Paul
C00112-17-2017Unique Names of the Coming SaviorPastor Paul
D00112-24-2017The Birth of a King; Isaiah's PropheciesPastor Paul
E00101-14-2018MISSIONS; American Freedom AssemblyRanger Gary Horton

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Series:First John - Fellowship with God
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 10:30 AM

06808-14-2016Living the Apostles' Experience
06910-08-2017Restart; Bringing Message up to 1 John 4
07010-15-2017Having Fellowship with God the Father
07110-22-2017God's Love in Sending His Son; God in Us
07210-29-2017The Fullness of Fellowship that is Possible
07311-12-2017Fellowship with the Apostles is Possible
07411-26-2017Fellowship with the Apostles; Deepening Faith
07512-03-2017Deepening Faith with the Apostles
07612-31-2017Exhortation to Boldness at Judgement Seat
07701-07-2018Boldness; Overview of Judgement Seat of Christ

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