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Pastor Paul

Pastor Paul

Retired August 31, 2018

Welcome to the website of Evergreen Baptist Church. My name is Pastor Paul R. Schmidtbleicher - Pastor Paul. Maybe sometime I will have the privilege to personally welcome you as a visitor to Evergreen Baptist.

I am an ordained minister of the gospel having graduated from both Bible college and Seminary. I have been a pastor since 1975 and the pastor at Evergreen since 1989. Part of the ministry and purpose of the local church is to provide a place to gather, worship and grow in the Lord. Growing spiritually involves an understanding of the Bible that is true to itself and the Lord who wrote it. The result of knowing God's Word will be wonderful directives, answers, and a well lighted path for eternal life and for living abundantly our day by day lives before the Lord.

Evergreen Baptist Church is a "family church." It is both personable and private depending on what you may want. If you have a family, you will appreciate our family-oriented ministry with many opportunities for parents, teens and children. If you do not have a family, we will help you feel at home as a part of our church family. If you just simply want to attend, we will not force ourselves on you.

We believe that relationship with God begins with a salvation relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the first step. We believe that for the Christian Life God's Word is "sufficient" for ongoing guidance, answers, directives, and principles. Living, working, marriage, home life, parenting, business, etc. are all addressed in the Scriptures. Therefore the Bible, it's teaching and preaching, is central to all aspects of our ministry.

God intended His Word to have ONE correct meaning or interpretation. We do not pretend to have that meaning in all areas. However, it is our goal to try to come to that meaning by careful Exegesis.

Exegesis is the science of Bible Interpretation that takes into account at least three important principles: (1) The Historical Background of when the Bible was written to discern word and custom meanings; (2) The original Old Testament Hebrew, Aramaic and New Testament Koine Greek languages in which the Scriptures were originally composed; and (3) Allowing by comparison of Scripture with Scripture, the Bible to be the best interpreter of Itself.

From an understanding of the Scriptures will emerge life-changing and life-enhancing answers and solutions to the challenges we face.

As pastor, I hope to someday meet you, but for now I wish you the Lord's Blessing as you explore Evergreen’s website.

Pastor Paul

Be sure to visit Pastor Paul’s website at www.scriptureman.com fordoctrinal bible studies, white papers on key biblical subjects, poems, bible surveys and more!

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