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The following audio bible lessons are recordings made during EBC Adult Bible Classes and Worship Services, compressed in MP3 format, and are offered free of charge, on a grace basis. To download, right click on the lesson number and select "Save Target As...". Left click on download to play.

All audio material Copyright © 1997-2021 Evergreen Baptist Church, all rights reserved.

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Series TitleTeacher
HANDOUTS(See listing)
Synopsis: Handouts for bible classes.
Synopsis: List of Sunday morning bible lessons in 2023.
Synopsis: List of Sunday evening bible lessons in 2022.

Teacher:(See listing)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
2708-21-2022Character Sketches; Joab, Asset or Liability (Part 2)James Forner

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Teacher:(See listing)
Time:10:30 AM

LessonDateTitle Teacher
0101-01-2023A Faithful GodPastor Darrin Krauss
0201-08-2023In Common (Part 1) (Communion)Pastor Darrin Krauss
0301-15-2023In Common (Part 2)Pastor Darrin Krauss
0401-22-2023Christianity 101 (Part 36)Pastor Darrin Krauss
0501-29-2023Christianity 101 (Part 37)Pastor Darrin Krauss
0602-05-2023Christianity 101 (Part 38)Pastor Darrin Krauss
0702-12-2023CommunionPastor Darrin Krauss
0802-19-2023Colossians (Part 1)Pastor Darrin Krauss
0902-26-2023Colossians (Part 2)Pastor Darrin Krauss
1003-05-2023Colossians (Part 3); Christ Above AllPastor Darrin Krauss
1103-12-2023CommunionPastor Darrin Krauss
1203-19-2023Colossians (Part 4); Christ Above AllPastor Darrin Krauss
1303-26-2023Colossians (Part 5); Christ Above AllPastor Darrin Krauss
1404-02-2023Palm SundayPastor Darrin Krauss
1504-09-2023Resurrection Sunday; The Risen ChristPastor Darrin Krauss
1604-16-2023The Road to Emmaus (Communion)Pastor Darrin Krauss
1704-23-2023Colossians; Christ Above All (Part 5)Pastor Darrin Krauss
1804-30-2023Colossians; Christ Above All (Part 7)Pastor Darrin Krauss
1905-07-2023Colossians; Christ Above All (Part 8)Pastor Darrin Krauss
2005-14-2023Communion & Mother's DayPastor Darrin Krauss
2105-21-2023Colossians; Christ Above All (Part 9)Pastor Darrin Krauss

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Teacher:(See listing)
Time:6:10 PM

LessonDateTitle Teacher
0101-08-2023Mything the TruthTony Hartford
0201-22-2023Denominations; An Overview (Part 4)Pastor Darrin Krauss
0301-15-2023The Wonders of the Microscopic World (Part 2)Chris Ashcraft
0401-29-2023Q & A 2023 (Part 1)Pastor Darrin Krauss
0502-05-2023Time for CommitmentMorgan Smith
0602-12-2023Mything the Truth (Part 2)Tony Hartford
0702-19-2023Dinosaurs and the Bible (Part 1)Chris Ashcraft
0803-12-2023Mything the Truth (Part 3)Tony Hartford
0903-19-2023Denominations; An Overview (Part 5)Pastor Darrin Krauss
1003-26-2023Myths & True History of Dinosaurs & DragonsChris Ashcraft
1104-02-2023Ephesians (Part 1)Morgan Smith
1204-16-2023Amazing Animal Designs; God's Engineering MarvelsChris Ashcraft
1304-23-2023Denominations; An Overview (Part 6)Pastor Darrin Krauss
1404-30-2023Q & A 2023 (Part 2)Pastor Darrin Krauss
1505-07-2023Ephesians (Part 2)Morgan Smith

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